Chocolate – Cacao – Brewed Cocoa! Eric Durtschi tells all on Saturday, March 13th @ 10 am

The son of a candy maker, Dr. Eric Durtschi of Durci had an intense passion for all things chocolate from an early age and started developing dessert recipes with chocolate at 8 years old. He decided to pursue a profession in health and wellness, and as a chiropractor, he was frequently asked to offer diet and healthy living advice. During his research, he learned that cocoa (or cacao) was an amazing superfood in its unadulterated state. He began development of the world’s first brewed cocoa in 2007. His mission is simply to help chocolate lovers rediscover how wonderful chocolate can be.

Eric will be giving a brief introduction to chocolate, going over the history and origins of chocolate up through the current artisan chocolate world.

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Photo by Ly Le Minh on Unsplash

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