Group Buy of Dragon Fruit Cuttings/Plants

In the wake of Ramiro Lobo’s wonderful presentation on Dragon Fruit yesterday, I reached out to his friend Eyal Givon (who was also on the Zoom and has a Dragon Fruit farm in Moorpark). I talked to Eyal about our buying cuttings of Ramiro’s favorite varieties from him.  This is what he wrote me:

“We mostly grow American Beauty, Physical Graffiti, Delight and Halley’s Comet. We have lower quantities of Voodoo Child, Sugar Dragon, San Ignacio, Valdivia Roja, El Grullo and Laverne Red.

Our best performer is American Beauty.  In terms of fruit size,  Laverne Red is our record keeper with American Beauty a close second.

Most cuttings are only $5. Red flower varieties are $10. Some very unique/very slow growers are more. We have also rooted plants for sale. $15 in one gallon pots.

Slow growers would be varieties like Frankie’s Red, Colombian, etc. Red flower varieties are Asunta 1 – 5, Ax, Kathie Van Arum, Connie Mayer, Bruni, and maybe a few more.  The availability on these varieties is between low to zero, so I can’t promise anything. Also, availability does change, especially on the more rare varieties since people do come here and buy them.”


The chapter is willing to put together a group buy but we need to get some sense of how  many people want how many cuttings or plants.  If there is limited interest, I will just collect money from you when I have the cuttings in hand.  If there is a LOT of interest, I will probably set up a format such as we used for the Plant Sale, where you can pay for what you want on PayPal and I can then forward the PayPal receipts to Eyal before heading out there.  Please let me know ASAP at




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    1. Steve, rooted American Beauty and Halley’s Comet plants will be at our plant sale on December 9th. The other two may be available also but haven’t be so informed yet.

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