Reply To: Grafting


I don’t have any rootstock available. I demoed at oc bud grafts so I actually cut a long branch of cherimiya and pretended that was rootstock and demonstrated how to bud graft because the bark is slipping on cherimiya almost year round. It’s really not a good time of year to do bud grafting.

Actually Behl from tff taught me the modified veneer graft and he demonstrated also at oc event but I think la is too far for him.

I really liked Lucida I had this year (also from behl).

To practice grafting you really have to try different techniques, and you will fail, but then when you re-observe someone doing it you are better able to pinpoint what he/she does differently and how it may work for you. You can actually order many cherimoya and annona scions from Frank and from behl on tff sometime in March- and again in September so there are multiple opportunities to practice throughout the year.

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