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Shaleece, I wouldn’t give up yet. I have had to abandon almost all stone fruit because 2 miles from the ocean I don’t get enough chill anymore; but in my experience both nectarines and plums (and peaches!) are fairly promiscuous in putting out new growth. It is actually a good sign that you are getting growth just above the graft (so long as it is actually above the graft) since some times, if the bareroot whip is too thick, the lower buds will not break. Worst case scenario, you let that growth you have become the new trunk, pinch it when it reaches the height you want, and let it make the side branches of your fan. But I bet your tree is just sulking with our crazy weather. My Dorset Gold and Anna apples are covered with fruit, while the Gordon and Fuji haven’t even begun to leaf out. My Persian sour cherry, my sole stone fruit, has been looking ready to open its buds for a month now but still nada.

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