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      We are incredibly lucky to have Fang Liu as a chapter member.  Not only is he a brand-new Dad and genius grafter;  but he is also a gifted coder.  And he has just developed an app that will enable us to list our Offers, our Wants, and then to see all possible Exchanges. As a result, please stop using the Forum for these lists. The app is so much more elegant and user friendly (once you get logged in!)

      Because the app will only be active for a month (this deciduous go-round anyway) , and because  — as already  mentioned —  Fang is a new Dad, with all the sleep-deprivation that entails, he had to release this app to us with a few little idiosyncrasies.

      You will receive the link to the app by email. (For this season of the Pandemic,  we are restricting the Scion Exchange to  members only) Click on the Link and Sign Up.  You can use your first name or first and last name as your User Name.  You make up your own Password.  (Don’t forget it!  No one else will have it!) Please put in your email address where specified or there will be no way for folks to reach you to make Exchanges.

      Then click on the Sign Up button.  You may get a 403 error message.  Hit F5 to reload the page and you will discover you are logged in.

      Then follow Fang’s instructions.

      A couple of things:  it will be left to the  discretion of the Offerers if they want to give first priority to other Offerers.  Obviously there will not be limitless scion wood of certain rarer items.   Increase your odds by sharing wood (from healthy, bearing, non-citrus plants please).

      If there is sufficient interest for people Offering and/or Wanting multiple items, I could make my driveway (home of our recent Plant Sale) a central drop off and pick up place;.  Drop offs would have to be done say the morning of February 14th (Valentine’s Day!) and pick ups could be done that afternoon.   If you are doing a simple one-to-one exchange, however, feel free to arrange that on your own.

      Oh, and please make sure to check that a Cultivar is not already listed before Adding it.  If you have any problems, feel free to write and your humble chair will do her best to untangle it.

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