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    I’m looking forward to our 4 grafting demos at the 2019 Scion Exchange meeting! I’ve gone to several demos over the years, and I’ve learned a lot. But here’s the deal: a lot of what I’ve learned, I’ve also forgotten, because I didn’t put it into practice THAT SAME YEAR.

    So here’s my strategy for this year. Instead of learning all sorts of things, I’m focusing on specific results I want to achieve *this* year. And to keep it really focused, I’m concentrating on just one tree: my cherimoya. Since we’ll only have 1/2 hour for demo time, and I know I want to add more varieties to my cherimoya, I can stay focused and get real-world results. I already know where I’ll be adding new branches onto my tree, and which varieties I want to add (based on tasting them at the UC ANR South Coast Research and Extension Center).

    There’s a lot of information available on the Internet and in books (including the CRFG Fruit Facts), so I’m doing a little homework there too. All-in-all, I have high hopes that I’ll get a lot more out of this year’s demos than I ever have before. I’ll get real-world results!

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    Hi there

    I use modified veneer graft on my annona species with almost 100% success rate on some 20 grafts done over the past year. Good luck. They push slowly but high rate of take and sometimes the buds don’t even have to be wrapped.

    See you there

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    Wow, I am so impressed by both of you. Khaled, next year we will definitely have to have you as one of our grafting demonstrators. I know Bruce has requested cherimoya scion wood to use in his demo this year and Fang Liu has mentioned he specifically wants to address veneer grafts (but not necessarily modified veneer grafts). I believe Arnie Bernstein will be demonstrating the straightforward cleft graft. I will have to check in with Glenn who specializes in feijoia to find out how he handles them. I am really looking forward to February 9th!

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    Happy to help if timing works out :-). Couldnt make it last year because one child has a birthday on Feb 10 and I’m expecting another child around the same time this year!

    I demonstrated bud grafts at OC this year and used cherimiya and strawberry guava as examples that still had bark slippage at this time of year.

    Fang – Are you a member if tropical fruit forum?


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    What were your thoughts on the taste testing? I didnt get to go but a good friend if mine grows multiple varieties and he shared Lucida and Helmut with me. Lucida was amazing this year.

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    Khaled, I’m a member of TFF but I haven’t been very active there for the last 2 years.
    I didn’t go to the taste testing, but I do like the Lucida variety. It was the winner at the 2nd taste testing. Those first few years were when the fruits all tasted great.
    What varieties do you like?
    I’m interested to know how your graft works. Would you have any cherimoya rootstocks that you could bring to the demo? I’m doing basically a side cleft graft.

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    I don’t have any rootstock available. I demoed at oc bud grafts so I actually cut a long branch of cherimiya and pretended that was rootstock and demonstrated how to bud graft because the bark is slipping on cherimiya almost year round. It’s really not a good time of year to do bud grafting.

    Actually Behl from tff taught me the modified veneer graft and he demonstrated also at oc event but I think la is too far for him.

    I really liked Lucida I had this year (also from behl).

    To practice grafting you really have to try different techniques, and you will fail, but then when you re-observe someone doing it you are better able to pinpoint what he/she does differently and how it may work for you. You can actually order many cherimoya and annona scions from Frank and from behl on tff sometime in March- and again in September so there are multiple opportunities to practice throughout the year.

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