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      I have 5 (6?) species of Lycium growing in my yard if anyone is interested in wolfberries/goji berries. If I don’t get specific requests I think I’ll just bring cuttings from a Lycium pallidum that is my only plant (besides Lycium Californicum) to not get powdery mildew. I’d love to see if the resistance holds up in other people’s gardens. I guess I need to name it since it’s seed grown.

      I have a few cuttings from a Black Beauty mulberry I picked up during the plant auction meeting. But if that’s some common plant that everyone has already I’ll just keep them and try to root them for myself.

      Anyone want native Vitis girdiana cuttings?

      I’m hoping for Flanders fig.

      Does anyone have a cutting from a Cereus repandus (peruvianus) I can have/ trade? My mom bought me one this year with fruit and flower buds on it. But even with hand pollination the flowers didn’t set fruit. So I’m assuming I need a second one for cross pollination. Will any other cactus possibly pollinate it?

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      I would like a black beauty cutting if you want to bring some, so I think others would as well.

      I’m wondering if it’s too cool in WLA to grow/ripen grapes and pomegranates. I have some cultivars that I can bring.

      I’ll be at the Orange County exchange this Saturday morning. See you there if anyone else is going. OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, 9:00am in the big red barn.

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      Don’t know about grapes but my Parfianka pomegranate ripens fine in Santa Monica.

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