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    Forum Guidelines:  This forum is being launched during pruning season, the time of new beginnings, but on Christmas Eve I was attempting to reduce my semi-feral Persian Mulberry to semi-manageable size.  Unhappy about the assault, the PM poked me in an eye so hard I lost vision in it for a couple of days (yes, a trip to the ER on Christmas Eve…)

    But we are going to be more civilized here.  There are no stupid questions or stupid opinions.  There will be no eye poking, name calling, etc. at risk of a severe pruning.  Nonetheless, please remember we are all volunteers who would rather be outside doing cool stuff rather than tapping away on our keyboards.  So please avail yourselves of our national website crfg.org where there are myriad Fruit Facts and wonderfully informative videos.

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    Lots! I have beautiful mangos that are getting ripe! I have guava, jaboticaba, cabelluda, white sapote, cherimoya, and more. It’s a great time of year for fruit!

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    Happy New Year everyone! BTW check your emails for [email protected] for a message from me. No, that was not spam! Only one person opened their card thus far. Out of town for a bit, will see everyone in March. Thank you for the new forum! This is brilliant, Carine.

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    A huge thank-you to Margaret and Ronni for your super-abundant generosity! Getting technical stuff set up can involve a multitude of tiny headaches and a lot of head-scratching. So thank you two for breaking us through that barrier on a rainy day so we can still communicate with others in the club.

    I can’t do much today for the garden but collect rain water. I have all my buckets, tubs or what-not catching the runoff where I don’t have rain gutters. It would be really nice to have an underground cistern, so I could collect more and use it longer. The above-ground rain barrels I’ve seen are just too ugly. At least I can put the buckets away between storms, and I have no worries about creating a mosquito breeding-ground.

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    We should do one of these “orchard happenings” threads every month so we can look back later to read what was happening at the time.

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    Goji/Wolfberry, Peruvian groundcherry

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