Kei Apple – 5 gallon


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From Wikipedia: A small to medium-sized tree, native to southern Africa. Its distribution extends from the Kei River in the south, from which the common name derives, northwards along the eastern side of the continent to Tanzania.

Be aware that it has 3–6 cm long stem spines in the leaf axils, and large sturdy thorns. Buds at the base of the spine produce clusters of alternately arranged simple ovate leaves 3–6 cm long.

The flowers are inconspicuous, solitary or clustered, with no petals. It is dioecious, with male and female flowers on separate plants, though some female plants are parthenogenetic.

Kei Apple’s highly aromatic golden plum-like fruit vary in flavor from extremely acidic to sweet-tart with tangy with fruity notes reminiscent of mango, starfruit, and apricot and has a high juice content. Kei Apple plants grow dense and wide.