Pineapple Guava (Feijoia) seedling – 1 gallon

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From Glen W

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These are seedlings from Glen Woodmansee, our chapter (and California!)’s feijoa guru.   Glen has travelled to New Zealand and brought back scion wood of many varieties of pineapple guava that far surpass the generic ones you can find in nurseries here.  Glenn explains these seedlings have been struggling to grow in deep shade and while the roots are strong, the trunks are too spindly to graft without growing them another year, which is why we are offering them at a bargain price.  Stick them in the sun, grow them up and then graft them over with scion wood from the February 2025 scion exchange.  (Request our grafting video to see how feijoa grafting is done)

Or just let them grow up and see what you get.    Seedlings do take longer to bear than grafted trees but if you get impatient you can graft them at any point once they are pencil thick or larger.   Many people plant feijoa close together as beautiful, evergreen hedges.   And even the beautiful flowers are delicious!


photo of fruit by Anestor Mezzomo