Yolo Bypass Fig – rooted cutting

From Alan Caramatti via Peter Shaw



Per Trees of Paradise on figdatabase.com: “The mother tree is an unknown fig tree (I named it as Yolo Bypass or TP-FG-0004, that I discovered near Sacramento in Summer 2017. The figs from the mother tree are of superior quality that tastes like sweet intense berry jam. It also stores well in the refrigerator (more than 10 days). I did not notice any breba figs on the tree and the main crop is produced in August and September.

At this time, it is not possible to determine if this fig variety is common or not. However, I noticed that the mother fig tree grows in the wild in an isolated area with no other fig trees nearby.

I have tasted more than 80 varieties in 2018; this Yolo Bypass fig is the best for me so far. Few friends suggested that the fig may be a variant of the Adriatic fig variety.”