Zoom talk: Irrigation Products and Design on July 16th @10 am


Speaker: Allister Cooney of Netafim

Watering is always a big issue in Southern California and the current drought with its associated water rationing has made it more so. A talk by an expert about irrigation has become very timely. Because of this, we have changed the topic for our July meeting.

Allister is a landscape professional with 26 years of experience in landscape architecture and irrigation design and installation. He is currently a salesperson for Netafim, the world’s largest drip irrigation company. He will explain the use of Netafim products and irrigation design.  He will discuss drip emitters, micro sprinklers, and other products to irrigate our gardens.

While many of us have used or seen the Netafim drip emitters, there are many innovative Netafim products with which we might not be familiar. In addition, many of the Netafim products are unavailable in our local retail stores. Allister can tell us how to get them!

Allister is a graduate of the University of Gloucestershire and the University of Sheffield in England and has experience in both the public and private sector, having worked with landscape architects, contractors, municipalities, and home builders.

He will discuss when to use what type of product, installation methods, how to design a watering system, the types of flush valves and air/relief valves, and many other important aspects of irrigation.

Come with your irrigation questions!  Zoom links will arrive in your newsletter. Non-chapter members, please contact us if you would like a link.


Photo by philip junior mail on Unsplash

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