Javier Fernandez-Salvador’s resources

As promised, Javier immediately sent  us the list of resources he had posted during his talk.  The Novavine site lists 20 different varieties, their uses and most appropriate locations.

Visit the UC Davis Olive Center website for a complete list of resources:


Soil survey https://casoilresource.lawr.ucdavis.edu/soilweb-apps/

Information about soil at your location and other soil resources

UC IPM site https://www2.ipm.ucanr.edu/agriculture/olive/

Information on olive pests and diseases and currently registered products for control

Pest Management Guidelines in PDF (2014) http://ipm.ucanr.edu/PDF/PMG/pmgolive.pdf

Information for figuring out what might be causing a problem with your olives

Olive variety information https://www.novavine.com/olives/olive-varieties/

Information about popular olive varieties including notes on growing, disease susceptibility, etc.

Olive tree planting guidelines https://www.novavine.com/olives/planting-olive-trees/

Pickling table olives https://anrcatalog.ucanr.edu/pdf/8267.pdf

A complete guide to various methods of curing table olives with food safety guidelines

UCCE Master Gardener program https://mg.ucanr.edu/FindUs/

Locate your county chapter of the MGs for local gardening support


Zoom Meeting: January 8th @ 10 am. All About Olives with Javier Fernandez-Salvador

Javier Fernandez-Salvador is the new director for the UC Davis Olive Center (North America’s leading olive oil institution) and we are very very lucky he has agreed to speak to us.

He came to Davis after 9 years at Oregon State University, including 5 years as Assistant Professor in the Extension Service where he specialized in small fruit and berries and (especially)  olives, along with soil and plant nutrition and organic production.

At Davis, his goal is to modernize California table olive orchards while involving undergraduates in the use of  the Olive Center’s own olive groves for experiments in olive oil production, super high density planting and different irrigation management techniques, which will become increasingly necessary as California becomes hotter and drier.

Wendy Temple, our adjunct Program Chair, chased Javier down in the hopes of learning what to do with her olives.  But I think we will all learn a lot more than that!

Zoom links will arrive in your newsletter.  And yes, we had hoped to be back to face to face meetings by now, but Omicron has put a crimp in that particular plan.  Stayed tune for future developments around our Scion Exchange and grafting demos, now scheduled for February 12th.

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