All About the Avocado! June 9th @ 10 am

Julie Frink and Denny Luby will present “All About The Avocado.” Julie is the Curator of the Avocado Collection at the U.C. Field Station in Orange. Denny – a 20 year member of CRFG – volunteered with Julie at the South Coast Research Center and they have done talks and demonstrations together ever since. Between them, they know LOTS about the avocado; the different botanical races, the named and research varieties, the question of poisonous or non-poisonous, growth habits, grafting, seed size, hybridization, propagation, diseases, etc. Come, learn and bring your questions!

8 Replies to “All About the Avocado! June 9th @ 10 am”

  1. Hi
    I am interested in attending. I am a member of crfg but not this chapter . I am willing to join this chapter as well.

    1. Ray, all chapter meetings are open to the public. So while we would love to have you as a member, you are certainly welcome to come regardless.

  2. Really bummed I missed this. Looking for advice on which avocado variety to plant. May I get Denny’s contact info?

    Silvia Yoshimizu-Yee
    LA Master Gardener

  3. Can I get scions from Julie? I’m experimenting with all available varieties in Hilo, Hawaii. Now that Hawaii can export Sharwil avocados, other hard skinned varieties might be allowed to ship. We have access to 120 cultivars.
    Thank You
    Michael Rickett
    The Land

    1. You will have to reach Julie directly. She was a guest speaker at our chapter but doesn’t belong. I believe you can get contact info via the South Coast Research and Extension Center.

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