Scion Exchange and Grafting Demos: February 11th @10 am to noon (scion drop off at 9:30)

The famous CRFG  Scion Exchange returns to Culver City on February 11th.  Unfortunately we have been pre-empted from our beloved MultiPurpose Room for all of 2023, but will be in the Garden Room which also has an outdoor patio for the Scion tables and social distancing.    (You can find a map of its location under Our Location.)

The grafting demos will be in the Garden Room itself.  For the safety of the presenters and  your fellow graft-learners, we would ask that you wear masks if you want to watch.

Instructions for cutting and storing scion wood as you do your winter pruning are here.

6 Replies to “Scion Exchange and Grafting Demos: February 11th @10 am to noon (scion drop off at 9:30)”

  1. Hello,
    I would like to attend this. What time on Feb 11th in the Culver City Garden Room?
    I am not a member of your group, buy I would like to join
    Thank you

    1. The Scion Exchange will be ten a.m. to noon. We try to give members first crack at the scions but with all the viruses floating around, this will be on the honor system. There will of course be the possibility of joining at the door.

    2. Vicky, it is easy
      to join our chapter. Just click on Membership up in the Menu and then choose how many years you want.

    1. You do not have to be a member to attend any of our meetings (for privacy reasons, field trips are different). The only caveat is that at the Scion Exchange, members get first crack at the scion wood.

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