Field Trip to a Member Garden,  Saturday January 11, 2020 @ 10 to noon

Members Only will meet at Jane’s in Cheviot Hills  for a winter field trip.  We will see pruning, mulching, composting and composting equipment. We will have a question-and-answer session among the members, which we didn’t have time for at our December Holiday Party.  Jane has a Mission fig that could use pruning, and she would be happy to share the cuttings with members. Several mulberry varieties and Wonderful and Fleishman pomegranates, all of which are easily rooted, will be pruned and shared. Winter means that Jane has an abundance of self-seeding annuals including Cerinthe and Nigella, which she will share with us.  She notes that these are pollinator magnets!

Jane’s front yard is flat, but the back has three levels and is not as easily accessible, so wear garden shoes.  Weather and other factors permitting, we may walk around the neighborhood to observe other fruit trees.  There will be coffee and tea; Jane requests that you please bring your reusable cup if you can.  Light rain will not cancel the field trip, but saturated ground from heavy rain will cancel it as walking on saturated clay compacts it.

Jane notes that there is plenty of unrestricted parking.


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