Saturday 8-13 @ 10 a.m. meeting with Ernesto Sandoval back to Zoom only

Sorry, folks.  Ernesto’s travel plans changed and he will be back in Davis next week.  So we will be back to meeting on our jammies (on Zoom!) as we have for most of the past two years.

Note that despite the fact that LaVerne Nursery has been sold, Dan Nelson is still there and our tour with him in September is still on . If you haven’t done the LaVerne tour before, don’t miss it.  It is fabulous.  I’m going for the third time.



Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Argentinian ants

This year seems to have featured, along with other disasters, an even heavier-than-usual invasion of Argentinian ants.   If you are trying to keep them out of your figs (who knew?!) or your bee hives, this is an extraordinary paper on why those traps you bought at Home Depot just aren’t working and what to do instead.

Great talk on irrigation!

I don’t think we have ever had so many people glued to their Zoom screens for so long as we did when Allister Cooney of Netafim shared his decades of irrigation experience with us on the 16th.  Learning that drip irrigation is even more efficient than rainfall was an eye-opener and I ‘m sure will be changing many of our watering habits. Ditto  that flush valves are absolutely necessary, even for tree rings   Allister provided illustrations of best practice drip layouts, including the sizing of headers and the appropriate spacing of drippers in different situations.  The online irrigation calculator he mentioned is available here.  The catalog of Netafim products is here.  He also mentioned that if you know exactly what you want, local business like Smith Pipe & Supply or Aqua-Flo will order them for you.

If you happened to miss the talk, or want to refresh your memory, the video is available to chapter members.  Just ask.



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Chocolate – Cacao – Brewed Cocoa! Eric Durtschi tells all on Saturday, March 13th @ 10 am

The son of a candy maker, Dr. Eric Durtschi of Durci had an intense passion for all things chocolate from an early age and started developing dessert recipes with chocolate at 8 years old. He decided to pursue a profession in health and wellness, and as a chiropractor, he was frequently asked to offer diet and healthy living advice. During his research, he learned that cocoa (or cacao) was an amazing superfood in its unadulterated state. He began development of the world’s first brewed cocoa in 2007. His mission is simply to help chocolate lovers rediscover how wonderful chocolate can be.

Eric will be giving a brief introduction to chocolate, going over the history and origins of chocolate up through the current artisan chocolate world.

Members  will receive all Zoom links shortly.



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Video of Grafting Demos now available

I have never seen such enthusiasm for our Grafting Demos and the Experts who performed them!  Many of you want to watch them over and over again.  If you let me know you would like the video, I will “share” it with you from our Google Drive.  Because of chapter privacy policies, this is for members only.  Thanks.

Scion Wood is now all gone

As discussed at our grafting demo meeting Saturday morning, we received a ton of wonderful scion wood from Kathy Connell of Orange  County who also brought up wood from the North San Diego Chapter’s exchange.

The Scion Exchange is now over, however, and all wood has been distributed. Unless you specifically and privately organized an Exchange with another member, we are now done until at least tropical fruit grafting season.