A note about Fang’s Scion Exchange App

You have to enter either Wants or Offers into the app to get the Exchange page to generate.   And don’t forget to click Update at the bottom of the page after entering your Wants and/or Offers.

Thank you to the members who have already done so.  The rest of you, get pruning!  With this crazy January weather, my apples are already leafing out…



Photo by Olga Thelavart on Unsplash

4 Replies to “A note about Fang’s Scion Exchange App”

  1. WANTS: I need the following that would do well in Culver Ciity microclimate:
    White fig
    I can come masked to pick any/all up from your place.
    Btw – I just renewed both my WLA & National memberships, and am unsure what the App is, so please get back to me with guidance re how to put in my request as I could not find an app on this website. Thanks! Suzanne @ Greener Way

    1. Sorry, Suzanne, our site was keeping all the comments hidden until today (Independence Day for Comments). Anyhow, we ended up not really using the app this past scion exchange and went for the traditional real live one. FYI, we do not sell trees except at our annual plant sale in December. The scion exchange is for pieces of scion wood folks graft onto trees or rootstock they already have.

  2. Is Fang’s available for a desktop computer? I don’t see any links anywhere for it in any form. I remember it from a year or two ago, but how to use it now???


    1. Sorry, John, just getting around to answering all the comments on the site (which just magically appeared today). Yes, Fang’s app worked on a desktop and that was the only place I used it. But this past year we actually had a real life scion exchange and COVID being willing, we will do the same next year!

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