Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) cuttings – Voodoo Child

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Spicy Exotics says: Voodoo Child is a self-pollinating and very fertile Dragon Fruit variety that produces an abundance of smaller fruits up to 0.75 pounds. Fruits have a red skin with a deep purple to reddish flesh that is very sweet and juicy. The fruit is great eaten fresh, in jams, as garnish, or juice in drinks. Flowers are huge blooms are over 15 inches across that bloom early spring to fall. The variety is typically the first and last to bloom having three or more flowing cycles. This variety is a must for any collector as its pollen can be used with almost any other Dragon Fruit plant to create fruit. Internet research has stated that Voodoo Child and 8S to be the same. The 8S is a cross between a Houghton and Rixford variety according to Paul Thomson’s book Pitahaya.