Dragon fruit (Pitaya) rooted cutting – Halleys Comet – 1 gallon

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Per Cal Poly Pomona:

Halleys Comet is a pink skinned, green finned fruit with beautiful purple flesh ranging from 1-2 pounds. This is a hearty slow growing variety that can tolerate full sun.

Self-Sterile – It needs cross pollination to set fruit, usually done by hand pollination from another variety.

Dragon fruit are a tropical fruiting cactus. Dragon fruit will not grow in cold climates, so make sure that the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent cold damage. Protect from hard freezes. Dragon fruit can be grown in containers or in the ground, planted in well-drained soil, full sun and trained to a heavy-duty trellis to support weight of this fast-growing plant. Avoid overplanting into very large containers, instead, gradually increase container size in relation to the plant size. We recommend a complete fertilizer during the growing season. Avoid overwatering in the winter to ensure the plant does not rot off.